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The Life Changing Beard

My brothers and I have often talked about the mystical powers that comes from wearing the majestic full beard and wondered if we too could attain these powers.  Maybe for so long it was a fear of going against the status quo, but if you follow my blog, it is clear that crushing fear has been my thing of late.  About a month and a half ago, I made the decision.  I was going to embark on what was to become a life changing, mind freeing journey…and it’s not over!  I can tell you now, the road to the full beard is not always easy…in the early stages you look like a malnourished adolescent werewolf, but if you can stick it out it is completely worth it.  It will take some maintenance…or none at all really.  I had and still have many beard hairs going rogue that will never be reigned in.

After about a month and a half of strict committed laziness, I finally had a respectable “adventure” beard.  I started to look at life in a different way!  Now I want to take on seemingly impossible challenges and I feel like my adventure beard has given me some kind of unexplainable super power (chopping through redwood trees with a single handed chop type powers).  It’s hard to explain it until you have one and I’m sure Santa and those of you out there with beards can agree.  My brothers and I have often said that the man with the beard in the room is infinitely more interesting than the bare-faced man.  Now that I have a beard, it almost seems shameful to shave your beard if you are good and capable of growing one.  Check out this article from the New York Times in 1890 that discusses this very issue.  Beards were considered virtuous at one point in history, so where did we go wrong?  I guess this a call to all men out there…and capable women!  Let your beard flow and I think you will find happiness flowing your way as well.  Famous Beards

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